02 August 2007
Hungry ?


1 pizzetta


1 horn of ice cream


1 drink

(coca-cola, orangina or limonade)

pizzetta can be replaced by hamburger or pastes

Feel like feeding your kid paste? At a restaurant? In a foreign country where you don’t speak the language? I didn’t think so. And when I saw this sign posted in one of our local restaurants I felt compelled to fix it—after I picked myself up off the sidewalk where I fell down laughing, of course.

I know the owners. They come in and out of the tourist office a lot when I’m there. I’ve eaten in their restaurant on several occasions. It’s where I had my first French Movie Star sighting. While I’m far from a regular, I’m hardly an unknown.

So you can imagine how shocked I felt when, after gently explaining to the wife of the husband-and-wife team that the sign was tad incorrect, I was basically told to go fuck myself. Not only was my English translation not needed, she insisted the sign was in Dutch, and that, in any case, her husband had translated it On Line. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Kaaaaay.

So I walked meekly back to the tourism office, ego shattered and all sense of well being lost, figuring that I should probably never ever again offer to do something nice for my fellow man, or woman in this case, handed our Super Tourism Office Girl the post-it note with my correction scribbled on it, explained how horrible people are, and left town.

When I picked the kids up tonight I noticed the sign had been changed.

Then I ran into STOG who gave me the scoop. See, Husband came by the office about fifteen minutes after I left looking for me. She gave him the translation, explaining that offering a variety of glue on his children’s menu would probably not do much to bring in English-speaking clientele, and how I was just trying to help out—“Elle est gentille comme ça, vous savez.”

He got his free translation, and instead of an apology, I got a menu to correct.

I’m thinking, maybe offering glue to the Anglos might just be good for them after all…

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  • At 07:35, Blogger Linda

    It seems to me that many French have trouble admitting they are wrong-your story a case in point. I help my daughter in law occasionally correcting English in her work. It is funny some of the words they come up with which, while English, mean something they don't want to use. She is thankful at least and doesn't tell me it is supposed to be that way.

  • At 09:35, Blogger Samantha

    Geez Doc, what were you thinking? Obviously the internet is a much more reliable source than a NATIVE speaker. Any self-respecting French person would know that! LOL

  • At 09:38, Blogger Pardon My French

    I agree with you about the paste, but personally I would be excited to get a horn full of ice cream. So much bigger than a cone, and I've always wanted to learn the trumpet anyway.

  • At 10:48, Blogger Antipodeesse

    I'm adding ice-cream horn to my repertoire of naughty recipes.

    And for that I thank you. (The cheque is in ths post).

  • At 14:48, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    I love this! LOVE IT! Yes, they have a hard time accepting that sometimes, just SOMETIMES, they can be WRONG!

    Yes, your language is lovely, but deal with the fact that you may not be as good in OTHER languages, my dear French friend...

  • At 20:57, Blogger Poppy Fields

    Bring it on, pass the paste, yum yum!