19 June 2007
Someone pass the Tylenol
This, dear friends, is why in a few short years Marc and I will both be suffering from high-frequency hearing loss. Please keep in mind that in this video she's happy. When she's not, oh is it bad!

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  • At 02:32, Blogger Wendz

    Aaaw - I know it must hurt your ears after a while but that is one cool chick!

  • At 13:32, Blogger Poppy Fields

    I bet she does get louder when she's mad :)

  • At 16:22, Blogger PutYourFlareOn

    She's a beauty! A loud one at that... man, she's grown up!

  • At 17:35, Blogger Heather

    Oh, she is BEYOND adorable!

  • At 17:52, Blogger Deb

    LOL - Quite the little singer you got there! She's a cutie!

  • At 16:53, Blogger Papadesdeux

    Oh yeah, she's a looker alright. You're just determined to win the cute kid contest aren't ya. Go ahead, rub it in.

  • At 17:07, Blogger Z

    It's just me who gets your bibliophil.org page when I click Play, then?

    She is, nevertheless, very lovely.

  • At 01:45, Anonymous Deeleea

    Hi Doc, found you via Antipo... I think this little treasure is a born soprano... too cute!

    Love the blog! Will be back for sure.