18 June 2007
Dear Friends,

For those of you looking for an excuse to visit or just waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and invite you, wait no more!

Les Amis de la Randonnée are holding their 25th Anniversary randonnée and cookout on July 1st and YOU, yes YOU are invited (by moi, of course).

There’s a 7 and 14 km hike for those on foot or horseback (bring your own horse, please) and a 15, 35 and 50 km course for those of you silly enough to come with a bike. And afterwards there’s a big cookout (10€ adults, 6€ kids 10 and under)

And if you’re nice, you’ll get to hold Mélanie.

And if you’re really nice, you can keep her!

No, you can’t! She’s too cool to give away.

Anyway, I need to know who all is interested as sign up officially ends yesterday (but as the Evil SIL is in charge of it, I’ve got some leeway).

Anyway, hope to see you soon!



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  • At 23:13, Anonymous martina

    I am 6 thousand miles away and will be doing final plans for a garage sale at that time. The idea of visiting with you, meeting Mademoiselle Melanie and seeing the French countryside sounds like lots more fun. Brie, champagne....ahhhhh

  • At 09:15, Blogger Linda

    I'd really consider it if you were in the Provence neighborhood. Sounds like fun. By the way-for some reason I am unable to see any of your photos. Just a bunch of strange writing. Don't know what you or I can do about it.

  • At 18:08, Blogger Heather

    Oh I SO wish! Who wouldn't want to hold a newborn in the French countryside? Not me that's for sure! Have a fab time!

  • At 19:56, Anonymous ALY

    I see the funny writing too--it's just Internet Explorer weirdness. Read the blog in Firefox, and it looks perfect!

  • At 17:59, Blogger Deb

    That sounds cool! I was already invited to another cookout on that day, but I think I would have really tried to go to yours!

    You're just over 3 hours (by car) from me, so that's about 1 1/2hrs by train right?

    I would love to go and visit you. Hopefully, someday I will. ;o)

  • At 21:36, Anonymous Anonymous

    Does sound fun, but I'm likely thousands of miles away as well.. enjoy tho!