08 June 2007
Zut ! Flûte ! and Caca boudin !
Hello to all in the Parisian Expat Mafia. I need help. Due to circumstances beyond the control of all human beings, my au pair (who is still better than yours thankya) is leaving us. Like right away. Like on Thursday.

And she’d really love to see some of the sights in Gay Paris (but not necessarily GAY Paris, although that could definitely be interesting too). I know some of you have offered to let her pop in for a visit, and I’d love, Love, LOVE for her to take you up on that, which is why I am appealing to you all right now.

I know most of you all have jobs, so accepting visitors during the week is difficult to say the least. And I feel horrible for even putting the request out there. I know it’s something I should do myself, show her around the great City of Lights. But I just have too damn many things going on right now that I cannot put aside even for the day.

So is there the odd chance that anyone out there would be able to show her the Big Things (she really just wants to see the Eiffel Tower, and maybe the catacombs) on Wednesday, and either put her up for the night or make sure she makes it to a hotel? Please? Anybody?
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  • At 00:52, Blogger kylie

    email me. i think we can work something out.
    i work most of wednesday, but i got a bed - if no one else bites (in time). when can she make it into town? details needed!!! i thought we'd have more time to set up a PROPER VISIT!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • At 02:19, Anonymous Alison

    Hey, I'm arriving in Paris on Thursday the 14th for two days. I will have space in my hotel room if she needs a place to crash.