21 May 2007
The View From On High

Here it is, the view from where I stand. For a bit of perspective, those two little lumps are in the “D” Range. So yeah, feeling and apparently looking huge. But JOY! Only two weeks left. Or less. Though technically if it’s not today and it’s before June 4th my husband will no longer talk to me, as he really wanted a baby Taurus in the house (he’s a bit of a bull you see) and if I can’t deliver that, then I shouldn’t bother him with any emergency c-section BS.

The past few days have been a bit Zen. Finally. Everything from the Au Pair to the inability to sleep well seems to be leveling out, and about time I might add. I actually contemplated making up a bag to take to the hospital last night and pulled out the very few things we have. Of course, we still need to do some shopping. Baby 3 can’t very well go into Baby 2’s clothes as baby 2 was born in January and it be a bit too hot now. And Baby 1’s clothes, while of the correct seasonal persuasion, are a bit masculine and, oddly, still a bit absent—they’re off at the Scary Baby’s house, but are, I’m told, all ready to be returned.

And sadly I’ve never been able to make it out west to pick up the delightful free bed so lovingly and kindly offered by a fellow blogger—who also offered to feed me. Boohoohoo. So we don’t even have a place to put the little bundle once she gets here. I personally vote for having Marc stand all night and rock her, but with the harvest coming up and other things on the farm that need to be done, this probably isn’t the best option. Although I would love to see it—a sort of pay-back for the horrible crap he pulled when Piglette came home.

I’ll just add as a side note that that horrible experience will not be repeated, harvest or no.

So here I sit, two weeks from the exorcism, two weeks from beginning yet another adventure in child rearing, two weeks away from finding out if the Muppet and Piglette have enough room in their hearts to let in the baby they’ve both been talking about so much lately. The anxiety of the whole thing is starting to take its toll on me and probably accounts for as much of my inability to sleep as say the multiple bathroom trips and the impossibility of finding a position to sleep in.

But it's almost over!
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  • At 10:38, Blogger Samantha

    Let the countdown begin!

  • At 12:05, Blogger Antipodeesse

    Awww, ya made me go all gooey! (Plus, Pauline and I watched the video of her birth last night, wonderful, tear-jerking stuff!)

    I'll be counting down the days and the minutes with you.

    Good luck

  • At 15:27, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    Wishing you all the best in the days leading up to your third little one's arrival!

    I love how you share your stories here, you make me laugh out loud. (And that, of course, is not always a good idea in an office full of supposedly-important-looking diplomats -- ha!).

  • At 16:23, Blogger Poppy Fields

    Taureaux Rock!, Both of my girls are born in May :)

    I love the photo, Bon Courage, you're almost there.

  • At 16:24, Blogger Heather

    Hang in there - my third baby was a June baby and I was convinced he would come seven weeks early - he came one week past his due date much to my ire. But that won't happen to you!!! I promise!

  • At 16:26, Blogger Poppy Fields

    I still have some baby girl clothes in nice condition, not a lot, but I'd love to send a couple of outfits, give me an e-mail...
    deedeeinfrance at yahoo dot com

  • At 17:41, Blogger Amy H

    Great photo! And I totally get you with the borderline Taurus thing. My hubby is a Taurus, and wanted a fellow-bull in the house. Looks like as of today you and I have a couple of Gemini babies on our hands. Bon courage!

  • At 18:31, Blogger Papadesdeux

    As another Taurus I completely understand the Fathers' viewpoint. However those same virtues give us an infinite capacity to let our preferences slide and take whatever ...... comes along. You didn't expect me to drop my "G" rating did you? :) I love my Leo brats almost as much as if they were Toreaux. Ha!

  • At 09:16, Blogger misschrisc

    Great photo and hip hooray! Almost there!

    Gemini baby is going to talk/cry a lot. They're very vocal. You better invest in some good ear plugs. Oh wait you already have two kids so you don't need ear plugs.

  • At 10:12, Blogger Pam

    Ah, the final days and indeed the very longest ones! Hoping all goes smoothly and quickly...all the best to you!

  • At 10:47, Blogger Deb

    Love the photo! You're boobs and belly say "I'm here and I'm pregnant!".

    When I look at this photo, I hear Julie Andrews in my head singing...."The hills are alive with the sound of mu-sic!" ;o)