23 April 2007
There's a huge post in me, coming soon, I promise. For now, I seem to be the Mistress of the Living Dead, as both kids have been sick, The Hubz is claiming a sore throat and yuckiness, the Au Pair/niece is really feeling like crap, and me? Do you really want me to go there?

Otherwise, aside from the ungodly amounts of tissues and cough syrups and stuff like that there, we're fine. Not too happy with the elections, but then who ever is? The lesser of all evils is still an evil, right?

It's just before five in the morning and I'm only checking in from a pee call. Once I have a 'calm' day (explanation to follow, pinkie swear) I'll update you all as to the sense of chaos and which direction it has taken. For now, just take pity of my poor decrepid (and yes, still pregnant...STILL) self and send some of those nice ear, nose and throat wellness fairies our way.
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  • At 09:15, Blogger Poppy Fields

    Here's some nice thoughts for all ill ears, noses and mouths.

  • At 10:51, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    Oh, I definitely send some nice ear-nose-throat fairies your way! I know what a pain and a painful experience that can be, having been there all too recently... Although I'm sure it's a million times harder with the kids being sick too. I'm on constant allergy medication right now too, so here's hoping I don't pick up any other infections any time soon... Allergies and infections make for HORRIBLE combinations!

    Take good care of yourself and be sure to fit in some "you" time during the day!

  • At 01:02, Anonymous Anonymous

    Glad to see a new post. I was becoming worried. Take care and, as much as possible, enjoy this time and the blessing of a husband who loves you and children and the opportunity to live an uncommon life. Some of us missed many of these things. Take care and I am hoping that new home comes soon. Would it be possible for American contractors to come over and start anew?