15 April 2007
Life is in total upheaval at the moment, so posting is a bit light. I am trying (so far with little, yet significant success) to get things organized and find a place for this third adult who has come to inhabit our tiny, tiny, holy crap it’s tiny cave.

Once she has a place to perch, there’s a ton (literally) of IKEA!!! furniture to assemble, 9000 pounds of suitcases to unpack (and that is NOT an exaggeration—I carried half of it through the entire Paris Metro system, thankyaverymuch), two screaming monkeys to take care of, one screaming orangutan, a niece to teach French to, and me—somewhere in here I have to find a second or two for me. Yeah, right.

For now, let me end with a BIG FAT THANK YOU to Antipo and Gabrielle, one of whom tried desperately to find me a place to lay my weary head Wednesday night, and both of whom were willing to put up with my sorry butt for the evening. I ended up having dinner with a lovely man (gasp) instead, who worried over me until I was safely tucked into bed only minutes from the airport. And no, he wasn’t my husband.

Anyway, back to the insanity…
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  • At 10:36, Blogger ViVi

    Oh no you don't! I wanna hear about this mystery guy in Paris!

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  • At 12:22, Blogger Antipodeesse

    I am broken-hearted that you would choose a mere man over ME!

  • At 21:39, Anonymous Gabrielle

    What Antipo said! And, like, which 9-month pregnant woman WOULDN'T want to climb the 4 flights of stairs to lay her weary body down on my Ikea sofa? ;-) Another time.