01 April 2007
family outing
This weekend we celebrated Marc’s parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary. We in this case was Marc, his sisters, me, and about nine thousand other cousins, aunts, uncles and various other hangers on. And as this is France, the celebration centered around a meal—a six hour long meal, and that’s not counting the apéro beforehand, because nibbles and champagne hardly count as food, right?

I won’t bore you with the details of how wonderful my children were, or with who said and did what, or even with what we ate because I’m honestly too tired (and a bit stuffed, even 24 hours after the fact) to feel up to the task. All I will say is I’m glad Marc’s cousin has hooked up with a professional photographer. Why? Look below.

Teaching her the right way to drink, early on.

This is the mutual admiration society.

The king is served.

Later, feeling crappy.
(He spent the rest of the weekend feeling very poorly, poor critter.)

Seven months, the third time around.
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  • At 21:42, Blogger Linda

    Really sweet photos-some memories saved. I haven't been to a 6 hour dinner yet, just 3 hour which is plenty long enough.

  • At 02:40, Anonymous Anonymous

    It sounds so much better than the dinner here-DiGiorno mushroom pizza. Still, can't imagine what a six hour dinner would be like. Lovely photos! Thanks for posting them.

  • At 04:42, Anonymous Catherine

    What a great-looking group you got there, D. And, might I add that you are glowing as well... Are those french fries I see on that boy's plate??

  • At 09:25, Anonymous rivergirlie

    lovely pics - and it sounds like a terrific party. you may be feeling crap, but you look lovely.

  • At 13:40, Blogger meredith

    Like everyone else said, great photos, your kids are cute! And I like the photo of you and your husband.

  • At 13:13, Blogger Deb

    Love the pics! You're a nice looking bunch! ;o)

    Man, I miss being pregnant!

  • At 16:55, Blogger Heather

    You are one cute pregnant lady!

    (I miss being pregnant too, but I've had my third and think I'll call it quits and let someone else carry the torch for awhile!)