14 March 2007
Bring on Harrison Ford and Sean Connery!
I’ve mentioned more than a few times the tiny role I play in local politics, notably as vice-president of the local tourism board in Joinville. If nothing else it’s given me an excuse to get out and acclimate myself as me, not Mme Marc or Pierrot’s daughter-in-law or Daniel’s niece. Basically I take up space and use oxygen. Sometimes though, these little gems fall into my lap.

A few years ago one of those gems was a translation job that paid very well at a time when we needed a few extra Euro coins in our pockets. On a few occasions those gems have been meeting people placed in the right places, meaning my paperwork has had a helping hand when needed. But mostly those gems have been little tidbits of knowledge, useless trivia really, that do little more than make dinner party conversations a bit more interesting. Little Dog Oil has always been a hit when talking with folks in the medical profession and still seems to make My Sister the Nurse recoil in pain.

For a little-bity unknown place, Joinville has a whole hell of a lot of history. Mary Queen of Scots is tied to the place. So is the Man in the Iron Mask (the real one). The list of historic figures with links to Joinville is rather vast, but one biggy sticks out—Saint Louis. He’s our big daddy person by way of Jean de Joinville, his personal chronicler, friend, and apparent life saver.

See, back during the crusades Louis got his butt captured and Jean, our local boy, had to get him out. Now, legend has it that Louis and his posse had actually found, wait for it, the Holy Grail on their little excursions in the Holy Land and Jean used this, with permission from the Knights Templar of course, to rescue dear Louis. Louis was apparently the only guy they thought enough of to even try to ransom, and Jean got the job of taking the cup to the baddies. Now, the legend goes on the say that Louis was rescued and eventually tracked down and put a hurting on the baddies, reclaiming the cup.

And why is this so interesting? Because the Holy friggin’ Grail is supposedly hidden in or near Joinville. Treasure seekers over time have all had their go at trying to find it, and have, of course, failed.

So I’m thinking, anyone up for a treasure hunt?

PS: Anyone interested in finding out more about J-ville (in French), go check out Yves’ site: Not only is the man BEE-Youtiful, but he’s got a lot of history goin’ on.
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  • At 18:53, Blogger Linda

    I was actually in Joinville once when my husband took me to a really nice place to eat there for Valentine's Day about 5 years ago. I thought it was a really nice village. Wouldn't it be great to find a treasure? Rather like winning the lottery, I'm sure.

  • At 21:22, Anonymous martina

    Was Edmond Dantes the Man in the Iron Mask or was he the Count of Monte Cristo? Can't keep my Dumas' heros straight. Will bring strong magnet and big shovel for the treasure hunt. You have to supply the brie and wine (we'll do it after you deliver)

  • At 11:26, Blogger meredith

    I think it would be appropriate that the Holy Grail be found hidden under that house that's given you so much trouble.

  • At 20:52, Blogger Papadelesdeux

    I checked out Yves sight and frankly it is a little over the top for me. I prefer your consise coverage of the basic facts. Of course I really was just hoping to get a glimps of another beeeutiful Frenchman, but HELAS no photo that I could find.

    Actually my Frenchman is quite a looker himself (my take of course) but hey, a little extra eye candy never hurt anyone.

    Elsewise, enjoying some of you other posts. Personally I'm trying to figure out how to post without my miniature Franco-Americans creeping into every paragraph. Haven't yet found the key.

  • At 12:15, Blogger jchevais

    I love France for that.

    We live in a town that Was the field where Joan of Arc had her first victory.

    Our house was the local Jeanne d'arc professional historian's house. The municipal library was named after him when he died... just before they found out that he had legued all his historical stuff to the National Library, rather than the rinky dink municipal one... ;-)

    I figured out why I couldn't get to your site! Hooray! the "www." before your blog name threw me (and bloglines)...

    Thanks for signing up for Expat Parentring. Now we are two! Hooray! However, it'll be more fun if it gets picked up by others...