12 February 2007
Insanity In The Kitchen
Never believe anything printed on a T-shirt. Delicate flower? I don't think so.

Sam, this one is just for your commentators...with love.
And this if for all of you out there who think I've really lost my marbles--proof that I have:

(notice the evil look she keeps giving me, that "you are not going to run into the wall....again" look.)
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  • At 22:06, Anonymous martina

    My sympathies. Didn't fully comprehend the noise level until the video. Spring will arrive soon, then they can race in the park or (empty) parking lot.

  • At 07:03, Blogger Lizza

    Your "monkeys" are adorable. But I kept expecting to hear you screaming "I'm going to get youuuuuuu!" in the video. :-D

  • At 08:54, Blogger Linda

    Cute kids. Reminds me of my son's house where "vehicles" like crazy.

  • At 18:23, Blogger michelle

    your You tube keeps taking me to bibliophil.org?


    cute monkeys - but omigod they must be a real handful

  • At 15:30, Blogger Samantha

    Well, glad to see you're training them well Doc.....wouldn't want them to stick out amongst all the other Frenchies at school, now, would you? *S*

  • At 13:23, Blogger Deb

    Adorable kiddies!

    My hat goes off to you my dear. I don't know if I can manage one, let alone two with one on the way!

    Hope the pregnancy is going well!