23 January 2007
Finding Sanity
Well, it’s a slight overstatement. But I am feeling a little bit less negative towards the planet and all folks living on it.

I went in for the regularly scheduled pregnancy check-up. OB-GYN Kenobi was running very late. Very late for her is five minutes. She apologized profusely because I was reading my book when she came to get me in the waiting room. For five minutes? An apology? PsychoLadyDoctor.

(She rocks in the same way as my new needle waving dentist does—I’m soooo lucky!)

All is well on the baby-growing front except I’m too tired and that’s why I’m sick all the time. I’ve been ordered to bed (!!!!) for two whole days—48 hours of sleeping and lounging and trying to recuperate—we’ll see if that happens for real or not here shortly. My blood pressure is running a bit high and my feet have a tendency to swell if I’m on them for long periods of time—a fact I discovered after buying a wonderful pair of shoes during the first day of Les Soldes, shoes that fit perfectly in the store and were beautiful and comfortable, but were about five sizes too big the next morning. Crap! At least they can be used as airplane shoes should we ever find enough time/money/patience to travel again.

I’m half way through this baby! 20 weeks gone, 18 or so left to go! I might make it. I honestly feel better than I did for either of the first two—aside from being tired and sick all the time—and not throwing-up sick, more like a constant head cold since November thing. Even that isn’t nearly as bad as the nightmare that was my last pregnancy.

After the Dr. visit I drove across town to do some shopping. I did the smart thing and bought a pair of gloves and a hat (1€ each! I heart les soldes). Good thing I did, too. When I was driving in to Saint Dizier this morning there were tiny flakes of snow falling, but they stopped by the time I reached the hospital. When I left the grocery sore however, I found myself in the middle of a blizzard (another slight exaggeration, but remember I grew up in southeastern NC, where palm trees still grow wild). That hat and those gloves helped my keep my appendages intact as it was witch titty cold and blowing a gale. Not exactly nice weather.

But nice enough to avoid going home right away. I grabbed a quick lunch in the cafeteria (which was actually pretty yummy—and more importantly, cheap) and then headed out to another store to grab a few more things before heading home.

Oh, the nightmare! I tried to stop in Joinville so I could fill my prescriptions. I tried to stop. I ended up sliding through the parking area and right back out on the main road again. Fortunately the drugs I need are not critical and can wait. Back out on the N-67 I got caught up in the traffic jam that was a mere four kilometers long. The gendarmerie eventually ordered everyone to turn around—this after an hour wait and three centimeters of snow—and I had to take the back roads home. Did I ever mention how I loathe driving in snow? May I do so now?

I LOATHE driving in snow…especially in this country where the roads are teeny-tiny and hardly ever marked. LOATHE IT!

All’s well that ends well, right? And I made it home where my son made it very clear just how happy he was to see me, my husband offered to unload the nine tons of stuff in the car and then let me take a nap, and my daughter went to sleep and let do just that. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Oh, and I’m under orders for lots more happiness! Prescription naps—I’m down wid dat!
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  • At 10:51, Blogger Pardon My French

    5 minutes -- wow! And even better -- yay, the halfway point! Sorry about the awful driving nightmare, but good for you about the prescription naps. I love French doctors for this reason. Sleep tight...

  • At 13:24, Blogger Wendz

    Yeah I hate driving in snow too. Hate hate hate it.

    Hope you are getting some 'you time', but somehow I doubt it.

  • At 17:31, Anonymous Catherine

    Snow used to be my arch-enemy ... and then I ran into my TRUE nemesis... ICE. Evil. Sinister. Malicious. BLACK. ICE.

    Sleep, baby, sleep. And quit driving in bad weather.

  • At 23:17, Anonymous Braunstonian

    My gf is into her 23rd week, baby is making itself known... :)

    I suppose we're lucky up here in that we've not had any snow - just that it's minus 4°C in the morning, and I'm no longer keen about going out on my scoot. Would be slip sliding away... to coin the song...

  • At 09:01, Blogger Linda

    The ice storms in TX used to make driving "fun". I once parked my car in front of my house as my driveway was to icy to get my car into the garage. My neighbor called me later to tell me that my car was slowly heading down the hill in front of my house. I hate being cold too so winter is not my favorite month-unless I'm in Arizona.