20 January 2007
Wherein things start to go better…sort of

The kids slept late (ahh, sleepy, happy, calm morning time).

I had time to eat a quasi-real breakfast at the table with the thing I married.

I didn’t burn lunch even though my attention was pulled in 9000 different directions, and it was pretty good, too! (Must send ex-husband’s grandmother a thank you note for giving me the secret family sauce recipe, just because it would piss her off. And it would make me feel good.)

I (finally after canceling my last two appointments) got to go to the dentist to fix the tooth I broke eating pasta.

He offered me anesthesia. He OFFERED me anesthesia. I felt nothing. I LIKE my new dentist.

I resigned as secretary of the local tourist board and was then elected Vice-Frickin-President!

I’m still high on that, thanks. Man, I don’t need much anymore do I?

Did I mention I was elected unanimously. Well, with one abstention (my own—it’s polite here.)

OK, so no one was running against me (but you can let me believe that it’s because they knew they’d loose).

I ate dinner in a restaurant, with normal people, and my husband didn’t complain. He didn’t say one word!

I came home to a house devoid of children (they’re next door for the night), and will fall asleep knowing that no one will wake me up in the middle of the night to be fed/changed/carried to the potty. If you only knew how good that felt….
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  • At 10:42, Blogger Samantha

    Good for you lady, you deserve a stress-free night (or month).

    And Vice President Doc has such a nice ring to it....

  • At 11:34, Blogger misschrisc

    Oh I want one of those nights! I'm so very toddlered-out I've been thinking of leaving mine next door too...on the doorstep. Congrats on the new job. VP woo-hoo!! Go on Doc shatter that glass ceiling!

  • At 00:44, Blogger mad muthas

    sleep tight

  • At 05:54, Blogger Catherine

    Congratulations, Miss Vice Frickin' President! Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go have a drink in your honor.

  • At 17:01, Anonymous maitresse

    lucky you were offered anesthesia... last time I went to the dentist here he informed me he didn't do anesthesia. I told him tough noogies, I DO!