30 January 2007
Engaging in more unhealthy activities
One of those big no-nos when you are a parent of more than one child is to compare them. You’re just not supposed to do it. But you just can’t help it sometimes.

When Monkey 1 was born we were over the moon. Every little thing was new and exciting. Even poopy diapers were extraordinary events. “Look at the cute poopy!”

Things changed drastically for Monkey 2. “Ah, crap, another poopy. Ugh!” “Are you walking yet? Honey at your age your brother was walking.” I’m a horrible mother. You don’t need to leave nasty comments to remind me.

I’ve learned just how different two people can be in their first year, even when they share genes. Of course, sharing genes doesn’t mean they get the same ones. For example:

Here’s Monkey 1 at his first birthday. He’s cute, and little, and looky! He’s still in a high chair! WOW! And that stuff in the glass? That’s the family pride, the main reason I moved here—homemade bubbly. Yummy!

Here’s Monkey 2’s first birthday. (Please forgive the poor quality, but my camera is slowly starting to crap out and the light at the front of the house in January is nothing like the light in the back of the house in April.) She’s cute, not very little, and looky! No high chair! High chair? Are you out of your mind?

The differences are amazing, huh? Looks, personality, attitude, alcoholic tendencies…man those two are so different. And you know what? They ROCK!

PS: Anyone want to wager which kid takes after which parent?
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  • At 11:42, Blogger Samantha

    Wow, that is a big difference!

    PS. Glad to see you're starting them on the bubbly young *S*

  • At 21:47, Blogger Wendz

    Hooting at how you tried to FORCE that champers down her throat! Poor kid! Obviously Monkey #1 is a Mommy's boy! ;)

  • At 10:24, Blogger Pam

    No worries: I think giving the Monkey's champagne makes you an expert on parenting!


  • At 13:54, Blogger Catherine

    Aside from the fact that her visceral reaction to champagne is nothing short of hilarious, I LOVE all that French chitter-chatter in the background of Monkey #2's video. And, I can't open the first one... but not for a lack of trying! Bummer!

  • At 09:06, Blogger MadameK

    How on earth did I miss out on this French 1st birthday tradition? (probably because I don't know any French toddlers)

    Anyway, video #2 is the funniest thing I've seen thus far this week.