26 January 2007
turn me on, baby
I exude sex. I’m the epitome of sexiness. Uh, yeah!

Can you believe in my last marriage I was afraid of becoming trailer trash?

…oh, how the mighty have fallen

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  • At 01:36, Blogger La Rêveuse

    You are one hot mama.

    Keep it up, and there will be no need for birth control after this one. ;)

  • At 08:24, Blogger Linda

    Comfort comes before all, that's my opinion.

  • At 08:59, Blogger ViVi

    Wow. That's hott.

  • At 18:51, Anonymous Anonymous

    A boring person would have worn white socks. Blue socks indicate you have style and panache!

  • At 14:49, Blogger Wendz

    Heh heh heh.....Go Fug Yourself here we come!

  • At 22:04, Anonymous Anonymous

    That you wear thongs with toe socks is very chic compared to shoving regular socked toes into the same thongs.

  • At 00:17, Blogger Jules

    The Shoes are fabulous, and the blue socks are festive.

  • At 14:37, Blogger J.

    I may be able to one up you and gross out your loyal readers--all at the same time.

    Somewhere between moving out of our digs in Bosnia and moving to England, I just forgot to shave my legs. Too much work. I now enjoy how the breeze swishes my long and lovely leg hair.

    I may buy the toe-sock thongs just to complete the look.

  • At 23:02, Blogger Kim/Thomas

    I thought your foot lost its circulation...hehehe (really i'm not that silly)

    great! I love that you post pictures of your footwear/sockwear:)

    oh and the previous post, i soo love those two kids, and i can most certainly see which of the kids will take after you:)

    now lets talk about the homeade bubbly...are you serious..mmmmmmmmmmm..i want to come be your neighbor!