31 January 2007
Where I Is
...inspired by my friend in the Poppy Fields...
My village, or more appropriately, my husband's village--his family has lived here since they started writing crap down--some six or seven centuries.

The view from the park…

...and the view from our back window, or at least this is what the view was three years ago. It hasn't changed much. Today there's no snow, but otherwise it's the same.
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  • At 12:28, Blogger meredith

    Merci :)
    You are definitely treading on some ancient homeland, 600-700 years is a long time to be living in one place. My husband likes to remind me that that long ago, my little country didn't even exist.

  • At 20:58, Blogger Linda

    All that history and tradition and you are changing it!

  • At 22:11, Blogger Kim

    Oh! It's just so beautiful!

  • At 22:34, Blogger Mary-LUE

    Here from Meredith's place. Great pictures. I'm feeling a little envious of the two of you. I'm going to post my town (smallish city, really) soon. I just have to figure out which view I want to highlight.

  • At 00:53, Blogger mad muthas

    comme c'est beau!