11 April 2007
CRAP!. Just plain ole CRAP!
Wake up at pre-ass crack of dawn, after less than two hours of sleep because I'm at the uncomfortable stage in this never-ending pregnancy, to find a message on my cell phone. My niece’s flights didn't connect. She's stuck in DC. And my train tickets are non-refundable. Lovely. I get to do this all again tomorrow...

...unless one of you nice folks in Paris can offer me a bed for the night ;°)
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  • At 07:50, Blogger Antipodeesse

    Doc, you are more than welcome to stay at my place, if it helps. I'm not exactly in Paris though. Near Fontainebleau... email me at antipodeesse@yahoo.fr

  • At 14:15, Blogger Melissa

    So sorry to hear that her flight got screwed up. Hope everything works out for the best. Keep you chin up! Help is on the way.

  • At 17:26, Anonymous pat

    Hey Doc - I know it is late, and I hope that you have found a place to stay, but just know that I have a bed here if you need it. Sorry I did not see this early this morning.

  • At 13:08, Blogger Deb

    Same here! I know that I am a bit late too, but you would have been more than welcome to stay with us as well. We're in the Lille area though.

    Oh well, keep it in mind for future reference! ;o)

  • At 23:52, Anonymous rivergirlie

    look on the bright side - it's an extra day to do housework (ducks quickly before something gets thrown)