04 April 2007
seeing stars
And apparently it has nothing to do with sleep deprivation. Pooplette is apparently back to normal. That’s the good news.

The odd news is I just ate dinner two meters away from Laetitia Casta, Michel Galabru, Jean-Paul Rouve and some other guy I’m told is a VIP. In Joinville. In Haute fucking Marne.

Hey Vrandi, I think this changes our status as the prostate of France.
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  • At 00:25, Anonymous martina

    Never heard of these people but after looking at the pics..oooh that Rouve guy is quite handsome. The prostate of France...now that is very funny!

  • At 00:58, Blogger buzzgirl

    Crazy. So C's screaming jag has ended just as suddenly as it started. Good news, but it would be so much better if you knew the cause (so you could avoid it at all costs!)

    So, you didn't didn't happen to get JP's phone number for me, didya?

  • At 09:52, Blogger Wendz

    Well even prostates get visited at times..usually in less pleasant circumstances though.

    You're still in the deepest darkest part darlin'...can't get away form that. :)

    Although yesterday one of my students told me that Belfort is a shithole. So maybe we tie for the worst place to live?

    Naah - you win. Hands down.

  • At 10:59, Blogger meredith

    Wow. I like LC, especially in La Bicyclette Blue. Do you think they are filming in your area? When Angelina Jolie needed a scene in a seedy run down bar/resto they used the one in my town.

  • At 09:40, Blogger misschrisc

    Wow La Marianne!! Is she pretty in person?

  • At 16:38, Anonymous Jules

    How exciting! LC is so beautiful, I might have had to slap her.

  • At 00:34, Anonymous rivergirlie

    are lc's teeth as goofy as they look? (she asks spitefully)