26 April 2007
neener neener neener
Our Au Pair is better than your Au Pair!

See what she made us! From scratch! And honestly it doesn't look half as good as it was. Mmmmm!
Oh, and the kitchen was super clean afterwards and THAT is reason enough to love her.
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  • At 10:52, Blogger ViVi


    Y'all got some real cookin' genes in your family!!

  • At 22:42, Blogger Linda

    She's a keeper!

  • At 10:42, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    Boy does that look yummy... I could gobble it whole right now!

    UGH. I've got to work on my sweet tooth a bit I think.

    Enjoy her cooking (and many other various) skills!

  • At 03:10, Blogger Melissa

    Let her know that next summer she can swing by Korea and be my Au Pair! I can cook up a storm, but I'm just okay at baking. I live in the "French Quarter" of Seoul if that is any incentive. She can practice French, English and learn Korean. I'm so jealous!

  • At 21:17, Anonymous Anonymous

    Do you have a recipe?

  • At 21:23, Blogger Linda


  • At 13:41, Blogger misschrisc

    That is so unfair!

  • At 14:06, Blogger Wendz

    How very dare you post a piccie as evil as that. Gah!


    Geez I shall have to visit you again soon...the travel bug seems to have bitten.

  • At 06:39, Blogger Catherine

    Dude. That's just mean. I suppose we should all be happy you didn't post video footage of the from-scratch cake getting eaten!

  • At 17:46, Blogger Kim

    Wait. You're pregnant, and you have someone who makes stuff like that? How is it that I have outpregnancied you by like, six, and nobody ever did that for me? Huh?

    Man. Life is so unfair.

    I'm drooling...

  • At 22:33, Anonymous jessica

    whoa. i don't even bake like that...and i try...without kids to look after. you'd better hand on to her!