18 May 2007
The MP3 has flipped back around so she's facing towards the front again. I cannot begin to tell you what a relief that is. Oh Dear Lord! Not only did it bother me that I couldn't really feel her moving like before--towards the back things were cushioned--but is so nice to not feel like my internal organs, especially my kidneys, were about to explode. So now I can see, and share, all those fun movements, which are actually a bit fun now, considering I now know what the alternative feels like.

With Muppet and Piglet I was always joking about my cravings. With Muppet I especially wanted Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and dear old Vivi, who didn't live in France at the time but who just happened to schedule a visit long about my delivery date, was SO KIND to bring me a bag or two. Unfortunately I left most of them in the fridge and He Who Shall Remain Nameless (because the name I'd give him at this point would be rather rude) found them. He later told me that the cookies were good. Cookies? Dude, your definition of cookies needs a bit of work.

So I ended up sharing the one thing I was craving most, albeit against my will. Bloody eternal hospital stays in France. Grr!

So cravings I did have, though never of the ice cream and pickle variety. Until now. Tonight, at this very moment, all I want in this world is some Bojangles fried chicken and a bowl of Bryer's strawberry ice cream. Together. On the same plate. With a side of Y's shrimp egg rolls.

I'm afraid.

Because this just seems too weird to me. Strawberry ice cream and Cajun fried chicken? Gross.

So yeah, feeling a bit weird, thinking maybe my sanity has flown the coop (acknowledging here that yes, that probably happened a long, long time ago, but leave me my delusions, OK--I am grave with child after all.)

He Who Shall Remain Nameless probably prefers that I get a craving flung on me like I did when I was 6 months gone with Muppet and turned into a total Nymphomaniac, but alas, he has to suffer, too. Life's a total BEYOTCH.
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  • At 23:46, Blogger Wendz

    You have given me such a craving for Reeses...beeeeetch.....;)

  • At 02:15, Anonymous Kim (from NC)

    Oh my goodness!!! Did you bring back some memories of Y's egg rolls!! I loved those things! I wish I could send you some, D! When I see Breyer's strawberry ice cream in the freezer know that I am thinking of you! Love ya!


  • At 07:48, Blogger Linda

    I craved coke with crushed ice with my first, and sweet pickles with the second. I couldn't even wait home from the store to open the jar and my car had a sweet pickle fragrance for months.

  • At 16:37, Blogger Jann

    Your post does bring back memories from way back.....I enjoyed reading your post today, my first visit!

  • At 19:33, Blogger Jules

    That's funny, I sent my pregnant friend in Marseille Reeses and Girl Scout cookies. I also sent a can of fudge froesting, I figured if that didn't kill the chocolate craving nothing would! Unfortunately the box was so heavy I went with the cheap postage so it arrived the week after she came home with the baby. She said she shared the cookies but not the Reese's.
    I craved Coke and crushed ice with my son as well.

  • At 02:27, Blogger Heather

    With my girls I had major sugar cravings, but nothing specific beyond "Alphagetti" with the first one (and then the dodo ex brought back "Zoodles" and I cried for hours). With the third one all I wanted was fruit and vegetables. Needless to say, he was my smallest weight gain and healthiest pregnancy! Now to just lose that weight from number two pregnancy. That would be grand....