25 May 2007
Oh Crap!
We have the new car.

The Welshman is here.

The Scary Baby’s mother returned my baby clothes.

Most of my laundry is clean.

Suitcase still isn’t packed.

Still no bed to sleep in.

Nutty Person coming for Sunday Lunch (and that better not change…or else).

Nothing at all on track.

Today I had my last check-up before the baby comes, on June 4th, right? Except not all is well in Baby Land. My blood sugar levels are wonky, my uterine scar from the last two c-sections is tender when poked (if it hurts when you do that, stop doing that…not the right philosophy), I’m half-way effaced, and the doctor seriously wanted to admit me TODAY because all these funky Braxton Hicks contractions, well, apparently some of them are The Real Thang.

But yesterday on the way to see The Ugliest Car Which Is Now Ours my temporary root canal filling thing fell the hell out. And while it’s kinda funky to feel the rubbery thing that’s holding whatever in there, I wasn’t too sure about leaving it that way. So I insisted that she let me go home so I could go to the dentist. I mean, I have nothing ready, my tooth has a gaping hole in it, The Welshman’s coming to dinner and I’m just NOT READY to be a mom, again. Oh, and the kid, he was sick and needed to be picked up IMMEDIATELY from the day care center

So I argued with her, insisting that I could and indeed wanted to go the distance. Pregnancy hormones, right?

Well, common sense won out in the end. Sometimes I do listen. A little. So Monday night I’ll be checking into the hospital, with my bag hopefully packed by then, with maybe a few girly things to clothe MP3 in and various other essential items like a brumisateur because who ever heard of air conditioning in this God-forsaken country. And Tuesday afternoon sometime around 2 the glamorous bundle of joy will scream her first screams. And life will change again. And oh God, I’m so not ready.
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  • At 00:28, Blogger buzzgirl

    Good luck! I'm sure things will work out great in the end... and you won't be pregnant anymore!

    And the car isn't that ugly...

  • At 02:22, Anonymous Anonymous


    Best of luck with your day on Monday. Please ask Marc to call or post on the blog.

    And the name is?

    We love you-kisses and hugs to all!


  • At 04:03, Anonymous martina

    But just think,after the birth your blood sugar levels will go back to normal, you won't be kicked from inside. Also you can eat the foods that had temporarily been forbidden-like BRIE!!! and WINE (well, maybe not wine if you are breast feeding). Do please have someone post to let us know how everything went and a photo of MP3.

  • At 05:38, Blogger Wendz

    Geez Doc! Talk about hectic!

    Yeah we'll be there - no fear. Looking forward to it. Hold onto MP3 just a little bit longer, yeah.

  • At 09:19, Blogger Antipodeesse

    It's gonna be great! How could it not be, with me sending you my bestest vibes?


  • At 11:28, Blogger Samantha

    "Oh crap" indeed! But my God, what an exciting few days you have coming up!

  • At 18:18, Blogger Poppy Fields

    I feel like I've been reading a thriller and now I'm anxiously awaiting the last chapter so I can know how this story turns out. I hope you have a good weekend with your friends.

  • At 19:16, Blogger Jules

    Best of luck! I cannot wait to see a photo of Empethree!

  • At 17:48, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    Oh, good luck Doc! You must be on your way into the hospital today... We'll be thinking of you! Hope all goes fabulously! (well, as fabulously as these things can go, right?)

  • At 20:20, Blogger Mouse

    Good luck, wishing you a safe and SPEEDY delivery!

  • At 21:44, Blogger Ms Mac

    Congratumalations Doc! I just read the amazing news over at Vivi's!

    Well done!

  • At 01:03, Blogger buzzgirl

    Bienvenue, Mélanie!

    Félicitations Mom, Dad, big bro and big sis!

  • At 10:41, Blogger Deb


    So sorry I haven't been visiting muvh lately. I find that I blog much less....now that the little one has arrived.

    I do hope that you are ok. You haven't blogged in a few days, so maybe it's time!

    I wish you a happy, healthy, and speedy labor and delivery!

    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses from the North!!!!!!!!!!

    - Deb

  • At 10:49, Blogger Deb

    Sorry, I meant delivery. I forgot you were having a c-section.

    Hope to hear from you again soon Doc!

  • At 11:22, Blogger jchevais


  • At 11:36, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    Congrats on the arrival of your little Mélanie! Lovely name. Hope all went well and that they're all taking good care of you and the wee'un!

  • At 15:47, Blogger Papadesdeux

    No one is ever ready. But it is only the smart ones who recognize it.


  • At 17:01, Blogger misschrisc

    Oh she must be here by now because of that previous comment (a-hem). Anyway congratulations on the new Mp3!!

  • At 17:29, Blogger Poppy Fields

    Congratulations! Was she really 4,8 kg?! Wow!
    I hope all is going well for you and Mélanie.

  • At 17:55, Blogger Jules

    Congrats, wow indeed! Mélanie sounds spectacular!

  • At 19:04, Blogger Riana

    Congratulations!!!! Hope all is well for all of you.

  • At 15:14, Blogger Gem

    Congrats from me too. Can't wait for the next post!