05 June 2007
Meet the Midget

Oops, I guess I wasn't clear last post. We are BOTH home, albeit after a rocky start. Anyway, here she is, Miss Mélanie Danielle Michelle who came screaming into our lives at exactly 3:30 last Tuesday afternoon. She weighed in at a whopping 4.810 kilos (or 10 1/2 pounds) for her 51 centimeters (or 20 or so inches). And she was the most beautiful shade of violet I have ever seen.

She was taken immediately into intensive care because my gestational diabetes went really wonky at the end and they were afraid she'd have problems. She also didn't want to inhale enough air to get rid of her beautiful purple hue, only enough to scream out her discontent, so they wanted to put her on oxygen. So we spent the first few days apart, which, if you'll excuse me sounding like the most horrible mother on the planet, probably wasn't such a bad thing. She did fine the entire time, surpassing everyone's expectations, and we were soon reunited--right after they'd taken me off the maternity ward, of course.

I promise to give you all the gory details another day, but right now I have to pretend to be a multi-tasking mom-type person, and honestly, I really suck at it. So forgive me if posting becomes a bit light for the moment. It's not that I don't love you, really...
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  • At 19:46, Blogger Tigue

    Congratulations on the new addition. She is such a dear :)

  • At 19:59, Blogger Antipodeesse


  • At 20:14, Anonymous Gabrielle

    So glad you're both home!

  • At 20:34, Blogger Nicole

    Yeah! She's so cute! I hope you're doing ok...

  • At 20:36, Anonymous pat

    Oh, she is gorgeous Doc. Congrats and big hugs!!!!

  • At 20:42, Blogger Jules

    Csection babies always have such pretty unsmooshed faces. I am glad she is home with you.

  • At 21:00, Blogger Samantha

    How on Earth did I not see that you posted yesterday?? Now I am one day late with my congratulations, bummer!

    So who does she look like? We've never met in "real" life, but for some reason, I think she looks a lot like you!

  • At 21:27, Blogger afoos

    Congratulations and welcome to the world precious! She is too cute! Good luck recovering and running after the monsters. I envy your courage!

  • At 21:34, Anonymous nc_mizzy

    Doris she is wonderful..I want to pinch her cheeks..Congrats to you all..Love mom xoxo

  • At 00:36, Anonymous martina

    Oooh la la. What a big and beautiful daughter. I'm going to have a glass of rose and a bit of Isigny Ste. Mere brie and give a toast to you and Melanie.

  • At 06:58, Blogger Linda

    Wow, over 10 pounds. Aren't you glad you did it via c-section? I weighed over 9 pounds at birth-the same gestational diabetes thing with my mother. Anyway, congratulations. I'm glad everything went well and that the baby and you are now home. Let the fun begin!

  • At 10:45, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    Awwww, such a cutie! :) So glad you're both home resting up and recovering. Thanks so much for sharing her photo with us.

  • At 12:25, Anonymous Helene

    I love her name!! Just as gorgeous as she is. Were you able to use any of her newborn clothes, or is she already graduated to 6 month size??

  • At 13:56, Blogger misschrisc

    She's beautiful! Well done :) And what a sweet name. It works well in both languages.

  • At 19:45, Blogger Z


  • At 06:12, Blogger Heather


  • At 08:41, Blogger Mouse

    She is adorable!
    This is making me feel SO clucky

  • At 12:10, Blogger Pardon My French

    Great name! I'm glad you're both at home. She's a cutie pie.

  • At 13:37, Blogger Pam

    Well done, she is gorgeous!Congratulations and all the best to the whole family!

  • At 16:53, Blogger Amy H

    Hi Doc!
    It's been forever since I've read anyone else's blog besides my own. (Really - how do you find the time?) So I had to check back to see how things went for you. Our babies were one day apart! Melanie is darling. When I have time (yeah, right) I will have to read up on how her first three months were. Until then - bon courage and I hope you're getting some sleep.
    Amy from Chitlins