18 June 2007
Post Lunch Calm

You’ve got to be kidding. Calm? In this house? Well, for the day at least. I haven’t quite finished my to do list for the day, but I’m at a comfortable place. I’ve vacuumed the stairs, living room, hall, and kitchen and finished the laundry. I just want to mop before the day is done and considering the time (2 PM) that seems very doable. Woohoo! I can handle this, right?

Actually Getting Things Done is rather frightening. It makes me want to do more things, like that big grocery shop that I’m putting off, but that would require spending money and that is something the Hubzy Guy has asked me not to do. And he’s right.

Yes, there, I said it. He Is Right. You’re all probably falling over right now. “What’s wrong with Doc? Post-partum depression? Hormones?” Probably, but I cannot argue with logic these days and damn, when he’s right, he’s right. I hate it, really I do.

So yeah, not spending money, it’s my new thing. Right up there with vacuuming and unloading the dishwasher. New experiences are good for the heart, right? So I’m not going to go out and buy food. Don’t worry. There’s plenty around. I need to diminish the stock a bit because if there’s anything I’ve got in this house it’s food.

My father thought that as long as he had food in the house he’d never die. I spent many an afternoon freezing and canning and drying his bounty from the garden and the woods and I HATED it, swore I’d never be like that. Well, sadly I am, just in a different way. Our cupboards are overflowing with food, and if I toss out something else because the expiration date has passed us by Marc will probably start cutting off my fingers and toes.

If he starts with my toes it won’t be too bad, but when he gets to my fingers I won’t be able to blog anymore and that would truly suck. For me. And hell, how would I count to 20 then?
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  • At 16:17, Blogger Antipodeesse

    Just don't let him cut off your funny bone!

  • At 19:18, Blogger PutYourFlareOn

    yeah. keep that funny bone. :)

    Spending money is my new thing too. I'm trying to make it my new thing... I'm right there with ya, mama. :)

  • At 22:04, Blogger afoos

    When E and I just looked at our finances (we tend to go months without even looking at our bank accounts and then when we do, find a nice surprise- there's no more money!), we also decided that we need to either win the lottery or stop spending money. It's been pretty easy so far, until I leave the house, and then some almost physical restreints are needed. But, then, I think of how much we don't need things and how much we can do without half of what we have, and it makes me feel better.

    So, we are also diving into the Coeurs de Palmiers and Soupe Minutes that I bought for no reason but to probably throw them out after their expiration date!

  • At 18:03, Blogger Deb

    You go! I can't believe you are up and running already! After my baby, I didn't do crap for weeks afterward.

    I hope to be as versatile as you when (if) I get to #3. ;o)

  • At 20:55, Blogger Riana

    We have been doing that too, eating up the stuff in the cupboards that I have been squirreling away for years. It feels great to get rid of it and feed the family and save some money!