18 July 2007
cultural differences?
I've been reorganizing my photos and using the time to reflect on where I came from......and where I am now...

I promise I'll post more when things calm down.
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  • At 09:57, Blogger ViVi

    Considering we're in France, isn't BAD service a given? (har har har)

  • At 11:39, Blogger Jennifer

    That is so funny!

  • At 12:25, Blogger Poppy Fields

    Snickering in provence :)

  • At 13:35, Blogger Antipodeesse

    Just don't keep us waiting too long! (please)

  • At 16:15, Blogger materfamilias

    love the way you've juxtaposed these two very funny signs. A favourite photo of mine from our trips to Paris is one in front of a shop drawing attention to the business as "SAD Decor" -- presumably "Sad" is a family surname and the name has no negative implications in French, but to an English visitor, pretty funny

  • At 18:51, Blogger Betty C.

    The second sign is an absolute classic. Thanks for sharing!

  • At 22:10, Blogger Linda

    You just have to laugh, don't you?

  • At 12:21, Blogger jchevais