07 July 2007
Putting Two and Two Together…

My sister, the second one, is a nurse. She works in a hospital and gets to see a lot of interesting things, like dead people. And some of these people have absolutely no reason to be dead. And apparently, no matter how suspicious the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these people, the local DA refuses to do so much as an autopsy because, ready? They Cost Too Much. (Makes me wonder if Marc’s got a long lost brother practicing law in Tennessee.) Of course, if the family wishes, they can pay to have an autopsy done, but then the admissibility in court is rather questionable.

My mother-in-law got on my nerves big time this morning. My cats have been going in the flower beds to do their business. She insists that this is killing her flowers. Honestly they’ve never looked better. So when she saw Lucy walking that way this morning she pitched a royal fit which ended up with Lucy being so stressed she bit me. Lucy never bites people—she’s too laid back and lazy. So the MIL isn’t exactly on my list of people I want to deal with, especially considering all the other crap I have to put up with on that front.

So I’m thinking, maybe I should invite her to my sister’s house for a visit….

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  • At 16:30, Blogger Poppy Fields


  • At 05:09, Anonymous did I say that??

    But is your FIL one of those traditional guys who can't live without a woman to wait on him; if so, he'd immediately move in with you.

    Is it worth it, or should you just invite BOTH of them to your sister's place?

    Hmm, maybe this should be anonymous :-)

  • At 10:59, Blogger Papadesdeux

    Just so you know... they sell "Round-up" in France. A few drops on the stem of a rose bush...

    (Thanks for asking, Yes, I'm around, but shhhhh, I'm hiding. Everybody wants me. Very flattering, if you don't consider what they want me for, but there is only so much to go around.)

  • At 22:26, Anonymous rivergirlie

    it's the perfect solution - bwahaha