19 July 2007
You talking to me?
This moment of pinchable cheeky goodness brought to you by Moi. Enjoy, and leave lots of yummy comments about how I am the maker of all that cuteness--because Marc? He only contributed ONE CELL! I did the rest! ME! (yeah, it's still all about me....)
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  • At 02:03, Blogger materfamilias

    that is a very cute baby, and we moms should take credit whenever we can.

  • At 03:52, Anonymous Anonymous

    All three of your children are very cute. Must get their good looks and charming dispositions from their mother.

  • At 05:51, Blogger Victoria

    your baby is tres adorable!

  • At 06:06, Blogger la bellina mammina


  • At 07:29, Blogger Linda

    Very cute and she looks very serious as she contemplates the world.

  • At 08:30, Blogger Poppy Fields

    She is dahling :)

  • At 18:18, Blogger La Rêveuse

    She is beautiful, congratulations! And all that gorgeous dark hair!

    Almost as cute as mine. Heh. I'm learning to take some credit, too! :)

  • At 19:13, Blogger Heather

    Wonderful contribution to the human race - so beautiful!

  • At 20:09, Anonymous MaryP

    Marc only contributed one cell. LMAO - because it's true! So true!

    Well done on that gorgeous little bundle of dimples and milky burps...

  • At 14:36, Anonymous rivergirlie