21 July 2007
Blogus Interruptus!

I'll be back in 600+ pages...
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  • At 12:09, Blogger ViVi

    Ack! Mine hasn't arrived yet! *weep*

  • At 13:03, Anonymous MaryP

    What?!?? It isn't released here until July 24. Stores not allowed to put it on sale until 00:00:01 of that day.

    I have mine on order. They will call me when it arrives, and save my copy for me. On JULY 24. In three more days.


  • At 15:08, Anonymous maryp

    Well. Only my second comment ever on this blog, and I prove myself an idiot. Ten minutes after writing the above, I went upstairs where my husband was just waking. "So," he says. "Going to the bookstore today?" and then informs me that midnight was the International release of Deathly Hallows.

    The 24th, it turns out, is his youngest son's birthday. Glad we sorted that out...

  • At 22:01, Blogger PutYourFlareOn

    I hear ya... I'm digging into mine tonight. My copy of the book looks different than yours.

  • At 19:26, Anonymous Laura

    i finished reading it today at 1. it's good. good. have fun.

  • At 03:18, Blogger Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno

    I finished reading it Saturday. It's awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

  • At 05:44, Blogger Catherine

    Man, I still haven't finished the last one!

    Hey, happy birthday, love.