15 November 2006
keeping with the good parenting theme...
or, Why He's Really MY son
Ah, our brand new baby boy! Here he's a ripe 32 days old. Start 'em off right, eh?

The baptism...it's a celebration, right?

And now, two years later, he knows what to do.
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  • At 21:27, Blogger mist1

    I wish I was your kid. Are you interested in adoption? My needs are simple: shoes, wine, regular pedis.

  • At 22:02, Blogger buzzgirl

    Aw, yeah.

    You have to teach how to drink when they're young. Otherwise, you're just neglectful.

  • At 22:12, Blogger Deb

    When he's about 16 years old and has his first girlfriend over the house, these will be some nice pictures to show her. =o)

    Love the pics!

  • At 04:55, Blogger Kim/Thomas

    okay..call me stupid..but aren't you just now prego's??? i'm confused...totally confused..


  • At 05:02, Blogger Kim/Thomas

    okay..that was torture..after i went back and realized how stupid i really was...i tried to pull up the post comment so i could cover up my stupidity (I totally realized after i posted that the pictures were marked 2004...gee whiz) so i almost had an anxiety attack (kidding) cause the damned comment box wouldn't pop up..turns out though it was just hidden behind all the other windows....ahhh it's just that kind of day..i'm stuck on STOOPID today....oh well...so yeah..i've answered my own comment, it's all good..and no i have not been drinking..although maybe i should ;)

  • At 08:55, Blogger Wendz in France

    Ha ha Kim - I was also initially confused..thought that the baby had popped out early then it hit me.

    Doc - I get all mushy when I look at little babies and he was so cute..but heavens I couldn't go through all that again.

    Bonne courage!