06 November 2006
Public Service Announcement
I am beginning to wonder if I should just start posting fiction because there is absolutely nothing noteworthy going on right now. No. Thing. I doubt seriously that Muppet’s potty trained-ness is very interesting, nor would you find Piglet’s Tigger-ish-ness very engrossing. As for me, its more of the same stuff: morning (noon and night) sickness with a big fat dose of fatigue thrown in for good measure. And the continuing inability to find a moment to nap because of the two aforementioned monkeys’ conspiracy to grind me into dust before they make it to school. Oh, and the husband who is leaving tomorrow—real interesting stuff, that. Ugh. Someone shoot me and put me out of my misery.

So in keeping with the late night television tradition of airing public service announcements during the most boring of shows, let me just take the opportunity to remind the Americans who have stopped by (I’m very thankful for your visit, by the way) to please go vote tomorrow. Vote! Vote! Vote! Because if you don’t, you can’t complain. And boy, if I couldn’t complain, I’d just die!
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  • At 16:59, Blogger mist1

    You've got to have at least one good potty training story. I've never trained a potty, so I'm really interested.