05 November 2006
So I changed some things. Big template change. You like? I also updated and rearranged my reading list—finally. And if all this fun weren’t enough, I also lost my Haloscan comments and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them back. Gah. Computer inept she is, yes.

One Sunday well wasted.
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  • At 18:19, Blogger tut-tut

    Wow! I really like your new look!

  • At 18:25, Blogger Samantha

    Wow, that is a big change, but I really like it.

    Fear of losing everything has stopped me from changing my template - I'm so worried that I'll erase everything that I've just decided to leave it alone for now.

  • At 18:34, Anonymous Pat

    I like it - I like it!!! :-)

  • At 18:51, Blogger La Rêveuse

    Very nice! Clean and easy to read. Love it.


  • At 19:43, Blogger Wendz

    Lovely template....just love it.

  • At 20:20, Blogger ViVi

    Lookin' good! :) You may need to go back to the Halonscan site and follow their instructions for loading Haloscan again. When you loaded the new template, it probably just plugged in the old Blogger comments and you need to go back and replug the Haloscan code in. :)

  • At 20:43, Blogger Epiphany

    Wow - Cool!

    and all I did this weekend was make some meatloaf. :)

  • At 22:49, Blogger buzzgirl

    It looks fantastic!

  • At 04:41, Blogger Catherine

    Dude, why have I not been getting the updates to your blog?! My God, you have, like, FIVE new posts!!

    Hey, while I'm here, I LOOOVVVE the new digs! And I'm high on caffeine so sorry about the yelling!!

  • At 07:22, Blogger Wendz in France

    BTW - When I changed to Beta Blogger I found it impossible to install Haloscan. It makes me very cross.

  • At 13:00, Blogger Jules

    I thought I was lost for a sec! I LOVE it! Looks very nice and clean. I am scared to change anything too.

  • At 14:21, Blogger D

    Looks nice! Kind of reminds me of what I would doodle on my notebooks in High School. =o)

  • At 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous

    doc - it looks great!

    hope that you are feeling ok...

    cheers for now

  • At 04:14, Anonymous Jan

    Love Love Love the new look!