08 November 2006
truth really is stranger than fiction
"...Bush expressed both disappointment and surprise over the election results and said he had called Democratic leaders to personally congratulate them. "Actually, I thought we were going to do fine yesterday," Bush said. "Shows what I know."..."

I so wonder how the reporters refrained fom adding, "which ain't much."
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  • At 22:07, Anonymous Pat

    He really is bad, isn't he?!?!!!

  • At 22:18, Blogger buzzgirl


    And now Rumsfeld has resigned,too. I'm in a state of disbelief. In a good way.

  • At 22:47, Anonymous kat

    I think everyone is ready for some much needed change!

  • At 23:05, Blogger mist1

    Do you think he knows that Brit and K-Fed split up?

  • At 10:29, Blogger Samantha

    ha, gotta love it.

  • At 17:23, Anonymous Sietske

    We had student council elections in my elementary school this week. One fifth grader was running for president. His Mom came up to me and said: "I am sure my son is going to win, he's got all the right attributes to become a president." How's that, I asked her? "Well, for one thing, he can't read," she replied. And sure enough, he won!