07 November 2006
Finally some good news!!!!
I have found a temporary cure for morning sickness and it is WONDERFUL. Saturday we ended up at the Evil SIL’s place to celebrate her birthday. Pretty much every year she puts on a hell of a raclette spread and we all gorge ourselves stupid. This year was no exception, although I didn’t quite get to the point of being gavée like a certain other member of the household who, even today, is still feeling the ill effects of eating close to one kilo of melted cheese (and potatoes and cold cuts) all by his lonesome. But we don’t really care about him, do we? After all, he’s taken off to the mountains of Jura to play with a bunch of other farmers, and if his intestines are all wonky, well, tant pis.

No, we all care about me, since I am the injured (Pregnancy counts as an injury, right? I mean I did say no.) party. And let me just say that, if only I had been left alone to get enough sleep, I would have felt mike a million bucks Sunday. As it was, the lack of sleep left me feeling like a wrung out stack of twenties, but still better than I’d felt in a while.

You’d think that this morning sickness crap would be something your body would get used to. I mean hell, this is our third monkey, and if the truth be told, my ninth pregnancy. Shouldn’t I become immunized to the queasiness and nausea by now? Hell, if I’d been dosing myself with rat poison, I’d be up to a box a day by now. Why can’t it be the same with pregnancy hormones?

Oh, and the support! The other half looks at me, in all my greenness and laughs! “Oh, you feel sick? Hehehe.” Bastard. But enough of the husband rant. He’s gone for three whole days and technically I can put the kids in the car and go out for Chinese if I want to. I am counting my blessings. Three days of peace…sort of.

Getting off my tangent, I have learned that I should eat more of the things that I’m supposed to limit in my diet (what a horrible word—starts with die) and eat less of the things that are supposed to be good for me and I will feel just fine. Sunday night was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Tomato soup = very green Doc. But twelve cheese-oozing wedges of grilled cheesy goodness dripping gobs of cheesyness everywhere = ahhh, don’t feel so bad after all. And this morning, instead of toast and jam I had grits with bacon and eggs and lots of butter (very, very bad), and oh my God, I feel GOOD.

So I need to go find out what greasy, high calorie stuff I have stashed in the freezer so I can make lunch. Yumm!

LATER: ugh! the manthing just gave me "permission" to go out and eat Chineeeee Foooo--of course, we've already eaten, which is probably why for him it's ok. Hmmm. Am giving thought to going anyway.
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  • At 16:01, Anonymous kat

    make you a huge pot of mac & cheese! nothing could be better for a good cheese craving :)

  • At 17:48, Blogger Nicole

    I had the worst morning sickness EVER, both times. I am convinced it's a protein thing. Even though we totally crave carbs, it's the protein that keeps the morning sickness down to a low grade nagging as opposed to the high grade wretching. So have lots more bacon and eggs.

    I can't believe you're from around Lumberton. I was raised in Illinois but did undergrad at UNCW...

  • At 17:48, Blogger Wendz in France

    You're probably going to want to smack me over the head for this...but I never had morning sickness...can't imagine how awful it must be. However I don't need a reason to gorge on cheese and greasy stuff. Do whatever makes you feel better...:O)

  • At 21:00, Blogger Doc

    Kat, no mac and cheese here boohoohoo
    Nicole, HOLY CRAP BATMAN I moved here from Wilmington!
    Wendz, what would make me feel really good is strictly off limits, so i settle for cheese and the like. And I don't want to smack you, but I will silently hate you for a few minutes.

  • At 23:45, Anonymous Anonymous

    One of my frend's could only eat Cap'n Crunch cereal the first few months of her pregnancy. Anything else made her sick. So consider yourself lucky that you crave and can tolerate yummy food.

  • At 07:51, Blogger Pam

    I thought hot flashes were miserable - now I'm remembering the morning sickness and think Inner Child Playing with Matches is not so bad!

    Load up on the bacon and eggs!

  • At 09:07, Blogger Nicole

    Shoot, I probably waited on you - I worked at Elijah's the whole time I was living there....

  • At 18:11, Blogger J.

    This is exactly why I get a glazed look on my face when my hubs asks "when do you want to get knocked up?" (He's classy.)

  • At 23:13, Blogger Pardon My French

    Oh, man...the whole morning sickness thing is still very fresh in my memory. Was it the tomato soup with the basil in it? I hated that. I think I've been having the same cravings as you except for the eggs. Your photo of salisbury steak made me drool.

    Hang in there...

  • At 14:48, Blogger Deb

    I thought the whole morning sickness phase was only a factor in a woman's first pregnancy. Guess I was wrong there!

    How about some nice Sprite or Ginger Ale with some Ritz or Tuc crackers? That might help you a bit. But I am sure as an experienced mom of 2 you already knew that! ;o)