14 November 2006
Just one of the myriad of reasons why we will not be voted Parents of the Year

That’s Tigger-ette in the foreground, tossed in a box with her bottle and her brother’s toy. And that’s Muffin stuffing his face with about the fiftieth plum of the afternoon. He consequently spent hours on the toilet being cleansed in a way no high-colonic could ever do. The dark green blob with white strip is Marc, and the leg dangling from his shoulder is his child laborer, one of the three munchkins belonging to a friend who came to help out. The arm and the tri-colored kid are his brothers.

So, you thinking pre-paid mental heath care like me or what?
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  • At 01:35, Blogger buzzgirl

    Oh my god! I love how she looks like she was just tossed into the box, legs askew. Hilarious!

  • At 03:00, Blogger mist1

    Plums, huh? Gotta try that. Cost effective.

  • At 06:47, Blogger Pam

    I gave my kids a choice: help with college or therapy. The first chose college. The second one is leaning toward therapy...
    : )

  • At 08:08, Blogger misschrisc

    Baby in a box. Love it. Hey we have that very same Mega Blocks car.

  • At 09:51, Blogger Lizza

    Children being tortured, errr, having fun in the French countryside. What a great picture.

  • At 10:16, Anonymous Pat

    LOVE it!!! LOL

  • At 13:31, Blogger Wendz in France

    I'm giggling at Muffin's 'ready for the toilet' pose...he must have known what was coming! His expression is priceless, btw.

  • At 20:23, Blogger Jules

    What? You aren't supposed to keep your kids in a box?

  • At 22:04, Blogger Deb

    Well, when you don't have a playpen handy....a box will do.

    Cute pic!

  • At 15:16, Blogger Gabrielle

    Best laugh I've had all day!