23 November 2006
The Thanksgiving Insanity Log:
Wednesday, November 22

Shopping done! Am so glad I decided to do this today and not tomorrow (except for it being old people day at LeClerc—Gah!). Left the house at 9.30. Got home at 3.45. Had a nice Lunch with F. though, even if she’s not as chinky about Chinese food as I am. Found almost everything. Will have to go back for beer and roasting/baking pans and napkins and a certain other special ingredient. How the hell could I forget napkins? Found bunches of little melamine serving trays to replace the wobbly reusable aluminum ones that Muppet destroyed since last year. An investment, but worth it I think. Am EXHAUSTED. Remind me why I do this every year.

Thursday, November 23.

8.30 sanity break—been at it for two hours now—damned insomnia. Have managed to clean and cut up half the veggies for the veggie platter, dry out half the bread I need for the dressing and not kill anyone. It’s a damn good thing I decided to shop a day early, because if I had to do that and all the prep work I have to do today, I would find myself on the floor before Saturday. Ah Jeez, kids awake. Must go pretend to be mother. See constructive kitchen activities coming to a screeching halt.

11.00 rolling along—no one dead yet, though it is a distinct possibility for the Evil Muffin who has single-handedly trashed the living room. Paper plates everywhere. Plant basket no longer has a bottom. Entire drinks cabinet has been rearranged. Piglet is down for her morning nap and seems to be playing the drums. All is calm. Pissed off because have to put preparations off (not to mention clear everything off the table and counters and stove) to cook lunch for the Man-thing and his helper. Ugh. At least the E-MIL will be taking care of the helper tomorrow while the Man-thing is gone. Veggies done, dressing preparations well underway, slicing and dicing pretty much finished—on to mixing and combining.

11.45 lunch in the oven. Muppet has hidden my good china all over the house. If I find anything broken, he's going on e-bay.

1.30 Why in God's name does it take you so long to eat? Go away already!

3.45 Agh! I forgot the marscopone! How'm I gunna make the chocolate hazelnut thingy without the cheese? PHUQ! If I weren't pregnant, I'd be drunk.

7.00 PANIC! Where did the day go? Am so far behind. CRAP CRAP CRAP!! Husband found marscopone and napkins-one less ordeal. Now I just need to stay up till 3 to get caught up.

8.45 Stay up till 3? I must be out of my mind (shut up you lot). Still really behind, but you know what-I haven't actually published the menu so no one will ever know if I don't do it all, right? Family has been called. Not as painful as expected. Less painful than my feet in any case. Need stiff drink. Damn husband, damn him to hell! No wait, he did some shopping-may yet be useful.

10.00 tasks completed: 13 tasks not completed: 3 tasks left: 23 Tom is happily defrosting in the sink as this morning marks the third morning in a row I have forgotten to take him out of the freezer and put him in the old, tiny fridge I've not hidden away yet because I wanted to use it to defrost the turkey. I'm bleeding brilliant I am! For those of you not coming let me just say that my roast beast is fucking gorgeous! So ha! I imagine another marriage proposal isn't too far off. There's a pork loin screaming for some loving, too. Between the roasting meats and the succulent desserts this place will smell heavenly tomorrow. Finishing the day a little behind because I just cannot any more. Tomorrow afternoon I have a slave coming and that will help. But it’s also baking day, and lots of time will be wasted waiting. Dammit I should have a tower of ovens—three gorgeous ovens—to take the edge of this, but I have finally realized that if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Gunna catch my Zs. Tomorrow’s another packed day.

Oh, by the way, Happy Thanksgiving.
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  • At 11:10, Blogger meredith

    Happy Thanksgiving Doc.

  • At 17:00, Blogger Pam

    I'll just have to have a little extra wine in your honor, of course. White? Rosé? Red? Perhaps something a wee bit stronger?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • At 17:31, Anonymous Kim

    Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Kim from NC

  • At 19:22, Blogger Wendz in France

    Nuts woman. You are nuts. Just nuts.

    Will we have to scrape you off the floor I wonder?

  • At 03:35, Blogger Catherine

    Wonder Woman, I'm worn out just from READING this! I'm here to tell you that stress is bad for the complexion. Take it easy, lady.

    And happy thanksgiving!!

  • At 12:57, Blogger Nicole

    Every year in the midst of Thanksgiving preparations I say exactly the same thing about the ovens- but I do have a baby countertop oven that I scrounged up that always gets dragged out of storage for the occasion. I swear, my next house will have to have either a "piano" oven or an Aga. Sure, it will probably only really be useful one day a year, but still. Thanksgiving will be so much easier!

  • At 00:00, Blogger Deb

    Don't you just love this time of year?

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (aside from the turkey incident).

    And just think....Christmas is right around the corner!

  • At 02:41, Anonymous Anonymous

    "chinky"? Are you some kind of racist freak?