27 August 2007
Sometimes it's the little things...

Ya know how in the States all the calendars start with Sunday? So that first big cube with the date written in it is Sunday and the second one is Monday? Right?

Well in France it ain’t like that. They start with Monday.

You’d think after seven years here I’d have beaten that fact into my head, right?


So imagine, if you will, how idiotic I feel after having driven 30 kilometers round trip to take my girls in to the crèche that reopens on the 28th because that’s what the second block said the date was…

…except the calendar is French.

Shoot me now!
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  • At 01:26, Anonymous martina

    and here I was hoping to ask you for the next year firemen's calendar from your town :-( I'd spend the whole year being a day off!

  • At 09:37, Anonymous Lynette

    Sunday is the seventh day, the day of rest. I can understand your confusion though.