09 August 2007
Can I have a dozen please...
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  • At 07:18, Blogger Linda

    Very funny. My first laugh of the morning. Send me a couple too.

  • At 16:24, Blogger materfamilias

    you do keep us laughing. this is hilarious! I especially like the professional pharmaceutical advertising tone found in "job suck?"

  • At 23:09, Blogger Nicole

    PLEASE send me a bottle.

  • At 12:06, Blogger Deb

    Robin Williams did a really funny skit about this pill. Some days, I feel like I need one of those too!

  • At 02:46, Blogger Suz

    Oh, how I need a double dose of this today. I've been catatonic on my sofa since I came home early at 5, after a daylong mediation! Wine isn't cutting it--I think Fukitol is the solution!

  • At 01:03, Anonymous Anna

    Hey Doc, Can you please send me a prescription for that??