23 August 2007
ça y est !

Voici le petit écolier…

…toujours très content d’aller à l’école !

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  • At 13:30, Blogger ViVi

    Oh, look at him, he's so excited! I can't wait to hear about his first day.

    Oh, and thanks. :)

  • At 02:15, Anonymous martina

    Thanks! What a cute student. Bet your ears are tired from listening to the Complete Adventures of Master Moppet and his First Day of School.

  • At 09:08, Blogger Linda

    Is he ready to take on the world or what?

  • At 12:33, Blogger Deb

    He looks so cute! Kids aren't always happy about going to school, be he sure is!

  • At 09:18, Anonymous ptitete

    Il est trop mignon !!!