24 November 2006
I've got a BIG problem
The turkey DOES NOT FIT in the oven.

ah, shit
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  • At 14:13, Blogger Wendz in France

    Oh shit indeed. Bum.

    Hope you work it out...carve it up first? Borrow the local boulangerie's oven? The pizza place's oven?

    Good luck. See ya tomorrow..shall I bring some Valium?

  • At 14:16, Blogger blueVicar

    Blog-hopping, I found your Thanksgiving post. A holiday list of expatriates celebrating Thanksgiving Day is calling...I'm loving this Vicar-ious story pooling!

    Gooble! Gooble!

    Meilleurs voeux!

    P.S. Well, what happened? Is it still raw? We want to know!!

  • At 18:46, Blogger mist1

    I hope you took photos.

  • At 23:55, Blogger Deb

    LOL - Don't leave us waiting in suspense....how did you solve the turkey crisis?