09 June 2008

Before I pull my thumb out of my ass and really get nice and bitchy about what happened (and, more importantly, what didn’t) this weekend, I have a question for ya.

Remember a while back I talked about that wonderful English author guy who is trying, in his round about way, to get me to write that best seller? Remember him? Yeah, the dude with the sexy posh English accent! Here’s the thing. He’s having another party, this time in Paris, AND ( !!!) he’s mentioned something about free wine and nibbles.

Are ya interested? Could ya be? Would you like an invite?

PS—It looks at the moment that I am being granted leave from the mines to actually GO TO this event, so not only will you be able to buy a purty-darn-good book, but you’ll be able to meet MOI—because we all know it’s all about me, right Ian?

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  • At 23:45, Blogger Samantha

    Dude. It's definitely all about you. Except when it's about me.

    And as for what happened this weekend? All's I have to say is that I'm disappointed that neither of us got to feel up Mr PhD.

  • At 05:21, Blogger Catherine

    DAMN, I'd give my left eyebrow for Paris, wine, nibbles and another meet up with you, chica.

    Have fun and don't leave out any of the dirty d's when you report back!

  • At 08:46, Blogger Linda

    If I were going to be in Paris, I would certainly drop in. I love cocktail parties, especially if there are people speaking English.