08 March 2008
______-Free Evening

a. Child

b. Worry

c. Stress

d. All of the above

D. Gimme D any day! And tonight, with a little help from my charming, darling, vibrant, etc. friend Vi, from the wilds of Aube county, that’s exactly what I had. I’m still reveling in the post-orgasmic glow an evening out with friends, wine and adult conversation leaves me with these days. I feel so easy-to-please.

Mô & Vi,
Marc & me,
And oh so child-free!
It inspires me
To really bad poetry.

I totally need a life!

Today brought with it antibiotic induced ass trauma for Pooplette in the form of nasty dyin’-in-the-rear that ate the skin right off her precious cheeks. It was so bad at one point I had no other choice than to leave her bare-assed. Of course, this was the opportune time to flee the house and let the Hippy Duo Baby Sitters take care of coaxing her into some kind of butt covering/furniture protection for the night (which, apparently, they did manage to do—but only after she spread the source of her discontent all across the living room floor).

I also managed to return to Vi some books she so graciously lent me many moons ago. Vi amazes me so often. When we met in college, some couple of years ago, she was such a naive creature. I am still amazed by her sometimes, what with all the poor kid’s been put through since her arrival on French soil. And just when I think I’ve got her figured out, she tosses me another loop—this time in the form of the books she lent me. I don’t think any one group of words have impacted me as the few volumes she passed my way. That chick, she’s deep, man. It’s spooky.

Of course, one of the undesirable effects of all these beautiful words has been my new-found addiction to many of the works I was so graciously lent. So addicted, in fact, that Amazon has cashed in more of my money. My kids will be well provided for when I die—if they like books, that is. We must get that house finished if ever I am to have a place to put them all. They’re everywhere now, including the staircase.

House! Damn, I had to mention that, didn’t I. I have news, but it’s too late tonight to think about it, much less write it all out for you. How’s that for a teaser?

It’s late, and I must enjoy the last bit of peace I can get before Marc takes off tomorrow morning to visit his father . He’s stuck in the hospital in Nancy and Marc’s taking Maman in to see him, and to visit a bit too, of course. And yes, another topic that’s too long to go into tonight.

Sorry for being a Saturday night tease…

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  • At 20:08, Blogger Antipo Déesse

    Ooh, tease me, please me, anyway you want me!

  • At 20:39, Anonymous Aimee

    Ooooh. I can't wait to hear about the house.

    What titles did she lend to you? I need some new titles to read.

  • At 19:45, Anonymous Kat

    We had the same problem with an antibiotic for my daughter, and once we reduced the dose and just gave her smaller doses throughout the day, everything was perfect