21 December 2007
The official formal written apology
Dear Heavenly Creator,

I feel a deep personal need to apologize for my last post where I made fun of the size of Your only son’s…equipment. I’m really, really sorry.

I should have realized from the lack of follow-up commentary that my post was seriously in poor taste and not the least bit funny, not even a tiny bit cute even. It should have been my cue to pull said post and put it in the garbage bin of useless, stupid thoughts that I have been cursed with since infancy.

But I did not, and I must accept my punishment.

I do seem to remember from all those days I drifted through Vacation Bible School at the local Baptist Church that vengeance is Yours, so sayeth You. And I do remember You calling down a plague or two on those who dared upset You. But my brain has been a bit frazzled lately, what with Your son’s Big Birthday Bash coming up, and all the fun that goes along with it. You know, it’s not every day we get to celebrate someone being 2007 years old.

So, I’m sorry. I really am. And I haven’t been too terribly sinful this year, right? So, could You possibly reconsider the plague You’ve called down upon my house? Having both of my daughters infected with chicken pox for Christmas does seem a bit excessive. And really, You made Your point.

Sorry again,

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  • At 21:57, Blogger Antipodeesse

    Ha ha ha!!

    I think you've grovelled enough, dearie!

    Let It Be.

  • At 23:15, Blogger buzzgirl

    Ha ha! I've heard the curse "A pox on your house".

    Never knew it would happen in response to making fun of the (lack of) size of the Savior's junk.

  • At 09:37, Blogger Side Roads of Europe

    You do know that Jesus was married and had children?-at least according to The Da Vinci Code. I want to know if you ever got your husband to do some Christmas shopping-and buying-with you.

  • At 08:55, Blogger Poppy Fields

    Merry Christmas Doc! I am pretty sure that the BIG ONE has a good sense of humor. Good luck with the pox. Did your Dr. give you any anti-itching sirop? If I remember right, it makes the kids sleepy, not necessarily a bad thing.

  • At 13:36, Blogger Rosie

    He does seem to bear a grudge doesnt he? Have a happy new year while you can and wait for the mumps to strike...

  • At 21:26, Anonymous ptitete

    Bonne Année à tous !!!!

  • At 12:57, Blogger The Late Bloomer

    I hope you had a nice holiday, Doc, in spite of all the maladies running around the house -- and I do hope your girls are feeling much better now! I know that must have been really tough... Happy Belated New Year to you!

  • At 04:30, Blogger Zhu

    I absolutely love your blog design and layout. I had to say it.

    Sorry for not saying anything smarter or post-related! ;)

  • At 00:13, Anonymous Helene

    PLEASE say you and Marc did not come down with Shingles!!!

  • At 01:18, Anonymous Robin la jolie


    Y'all allright over in Gudmont-Villiers?

    Just a quick note to say that as one of your blog's biggest fans, I truly miss reading about your adventures in the French countryside!

    I do hope all is well and that you all survived "la maladie". Happy, happy new year and I wish you and you family a healthy (knock on wood!) and joyous 2008.


  • At 01:44, Blogger Catherine

    Where you be, girl!?

  • At 02:46, Anonymous Anonymous

    Dear Doc,
    I'm delurking to say that I hope that all is well with you and yours. I miss your sense of humor. Best wishes.

  • At 00:47, Blogger Papadesdeux

    OK, I'll join the ranks of the concerned. Although I am quite certain heavenly wrath over your last post (which by the way I thought was pretty damn funny) has nothing to do with your absence, clearly it has us all a bit worried. I know, personally going on more than 6 months leave of blogging duty I should be well aware that a few weeks in hiding could only be doing good. But... well, we are all wishing you well in any case.
    Happy New Year...somewhat belated.

  • At 03:42, Blogger Deb

    Ok, I know it's been awhile since I've been here....but you're not allowed to leave! Look at how many people you touch with your awesome sense of humor! =oD

    Seriously though, I hope that all is ok and that we hear from you again real soon.

  • At 20:02, Blogger Jules

    I have been checking regularly, i hope all is well with you Doc!