08 September 2007
Parenting brings with it many challenges. The latest here seems to be choosing between having a neat house and eating. I chose eating. See the result?

This particular mess was created by Pooplette in the time it took me to make soup from a mix--three minutes folks! Ya know, fasting is looking like a good idea.
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  • At 11:15, Blogger kylie

    if only they could clean up as fast! :) looking forward to the baptism photos!

  • At 23:35, Blogger Linda

    I'd pick cooking and eating over cleaning any day.

  • At 10:15, Blogger Amy H

    We're trying to teach Max the word "ranger", which I know he already knows because the nourrice taught it to him. He just looks at us each time like, "Yeah right."

  • At 01:04, Blogger Deb

    Oh, so THIS is what I have to look forward to. Fun stuff! LOL