02 December 2006
A Food Meme--Sort Of
So, some of you asked for it, and as I am so damned nice I am giving it to you. The only thing I want is that you either post a picture of the finished product in your own blog when you make this, or that you send me a picture so I can post it here. That takes care of the meme part.

Baked Brie

You need:
(2 pâtes feuilletées, 1 brie (800 g), 1 beaten egg, ½ - ¾ cups slivered almonds, ½ - ¾ cups chopped fresh parsley)

What you do:
Shave the "skin" off the brie without actually cutting it off--basically just take off all the extra fluffy white stuff. You don't actually have to do this, but I find the end result tastes better if you do.

Split the brie into two discs. For me this is the hardest part of the whole operation. Be patient and you'll come out with two perfect halves.
Cover one disc with the parsley...
...then with the almonds...
and then place the two halves back together again and center the whole thing in the middle of the first pastry.
Wrap the pastry up and around and then brush the sides and flap with the beaten egg.
Flip it over and place in the middle of the second pastry. Wrap up in the same way.
Gently cut a design into the pastry (taking care not to cut through the pastry), brush with milk or cream and toss in a 180° (375°F) oven until it's a light golden color.
To serve, you can either let everyone cut their own slice or, for more intimate or formal affairs (or if you're just feeling hoity-toity) you can slice it yourself and serve it on individual plates with a sprig or two of mâche (lamb's lettuce) and a little squiggle of raspberry coulis. In either case, you'll need to let it cool off for at least half an hour before doing anything to it or you risk lava burns.

Bon appétit and let me know how yours turns out.

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  • At 17:53, Blogger Riana

    Yum, this looks great! I love it with confiture as well inside...

  • At 18:27, Anonymous Pat

    Oh, this looks great and quite easy as well.

    I am going to make it (may take me a while) but will link back when I do.


  • At 22:21, Blogger Linda

    I've never tried bake brie but have heard about it for years. I have company coming in a couple of weeks and I will make this my pre dinner starter. I will let you know how it goes. I think every one coming is on a diet and won't appreciate it, but I bet they eat it!

  • At 23:18, Anonymous martina

    That looks so delicious! The only way I have had warm brie is when a baguette is hollowed out and brie put in the hole and then baked. This looks much tastier and visually attractive. Brie of the size you show is about $18.00 here in the States.

  • At 00:04, Anonymous Alison

    Oh geez, this looks good! Yummity yum.

  • At 02:24, Blogger mist1

    I adore baked brie. I cannot have it in the house. The last time I did, I woke up at 3 a.m. and ate half of it. I was deeply ashamed of myself the next day.

  • At 06:10, Blogger Kim/Thomas

    yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about!! *running to the store at midnight:)*

  • At 12:46, Blogger Wendz in France

    Right - something to try out! Looks ab fab baby!

  • At 13:03, Blogger Deb

    Yeah, does look very good and not too complicated to make either. My husband is the real cook of the house though...might pass it onto him.