05 March 2009
The management wishes to inform its readers that the idiot behind the words is currently grappling with a huge case of self-censorship coupled with an unhealthy dose of writer's block.

If anyone out there has a cure for either of the two conditions, please, PLEASE, make it known.

Blogging will resume one day.

...I hope.

(I miss you guys)
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  • At 03:39, Blogger glenda

    take to excerdin and 1 bottle of good wine -and take one blanket and go sit under a big tree -and all the blogging words will come back -if not after all that you wont really care --heheh-hurry back we miss u

  • At 10:16, Blogger Mrs C

    Here's an idea. Change your blog template. I'm not dissing your current blog template, but maybe after some spring cleaning, you'll feel more inspiration.

    We miss you too.

  • At 02:49, Anonymous Peggy

    Don't criticize or doubt yourself!

    So many people you don't even know love your blog, including me.

  • At 11:26, Blogger poppy fields

    Sometimes posting a photo helps with the writer's block...a photo of your village or region...might help get the words flowing.

  • At 20:03, Anonymous Anonymous

    I miss your wonderful sense of humour! Maybe spring will help. Best,

  • At 02:06, Anonymous corine

    What, writer's block, just when i discover you?

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