11 February 2009
Alright, things have calmed down on the work front, and will probably calm down more in the not-too-distant future, and Mr. Manthing has allowed me, after years of begging and pleading, to purchase a laptop, so MAYBE I might actaully get around to blogging again.


No promises.
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  • At 08:55, Anonymous Anonymous

    bout damn time!!

    i know i mostly lurk, but i miss it


  • At 16:31, Blogger Epiphany

    Yayy!! I've been wondering about you a lot recently. Would love to chat sometime soon. I miss you.

  • At 11:02, Blogger poppy fields

    I hope so :)

  • At 18:57, Anonymous Anonymous

    Yay!!!!!!! I miss your posts.

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