18 August 2008
The calm after the storm

If ever I thought that having three small children in the house made enough noise to drive me over the deep end, I’m over it. Having my house (and our other house and my in-laws’ house) full of people has been enough to cure me of that. Oh my God it’s quiet today.

It’s almost quiet enough to make me forget about all the dirty laundry, dishes and floors I am left with. Almost. But almost on counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and nuclear weapons. Never in housework.

That sucks….

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  • At 20:49, Blogger Papadesdeux

    Wow, you have an "other" house. Coool. It could be, like a place to "cage" the monsters, or anyone else who happens to be driving you over the deep end. Sometimes I think that it might be nice to move away from all these friggin' tourists, have a real house somewhere normal, but then I start thinking about the cold, rain, snow, and I lose my nerve. And suddenly I remember, oh hell, I'm not even close to be normal.

  • At 07:33, Blogger Linda

    I hear you. I have four grandchildren here at my house at the moment and I am amazed at all there is to do but won't get done until they leave. Who has the energy?

  • At 16:37, Blogger Papadesdeux

    Just checking in. I'm doing my bit to keep your blog in movement so it will show up on the search lists as having been updated. OK, I don't know if comments actually do that. But, anyway. I also wanted to add that I passed by "noplacelikeit" and noticed that they had made the drive from Montpellier and I was so impressed and feeling kind of guilty that we were too wimpy to do the same with a pair of 4 year olds when I remembered you already had a monstrous crowd and although you would never admit it, it was probably just as well that you didn't get stuck with even more screaming banshees. So with that rationalization I feel better, and I am assuming you have recovered and moved on to the next crisis.