18 September 2007
When Blogger wants to cooperate...

…and let me upload pictures, I’ll tell you all about the fun-filled weekend that you are so desperate to hear about. But in the meantime, does anyone know anything about hedgehogs? Because there’s this big fat muther of a hedgehog that’s been hanging out in front of the house for the past couple of nights and it’s sneaking up to my front door and stealing the leftovers of my nasty habit (i.e. cigarette butts) and strewing them across the driveway. It just seems unnatural.

I wonder if it has anything to do with that UFO I saw the other night.

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  • At 00:12, Anonymous martina

    I'd treat it like we treat raccoons and opposums here-avoid getting close to it and dissuade it from your yard. These animals carry a lot of disease. You'll just have to use a coffee can for an ashtray and put the lid on it at night.

  • At 10:48, Blogger Deeleea

    Meh... a bit of flea powder and you'll be right... make friends with her... leave out some cat food...

    She'll eat all sorts of snails and bugs and she'll be good for the environment...

    And she'll be cute too.

    (actually I have no scientific evidence for any of the above... so take it with a grain of salt... except for the snails part)

  • At 22:02, Anonymous Anonymous

    I found out the hard way from my kitties that tobacco is a little like catnip to them so maybe it's the same with the hedgehog. If they get a chance to munch on a cigarette, they strew it all over the room. They'll steal them from someone's purse if possible and love to rub their noses on the hands of someone who has just smoked. Maybe this is what is attracting your "friend."