27 August 2006
Sunday is boring
So forgive my slight understatement, but damn. There’s absolutely nothing going on here today. Marc’s taken the day off—due in no small part to the lack of normal weather. (When is the damn rain and shit going to stop. You’d think we live in Brittany the way things are here.) The Welshman is sitting in a chair flipping through the four hundred satellite channels and finding absolutely nothing to watch. He’s got the benefit of speaking four languages and still, nothing at all interesting can be found (except four the five minutes we had of Oggy et les Cafards which we happened to stumble across). The Monkeys are both sleeping peacefully for a change—probably because their father is here and they are genetically programmed to make me look like a total ass for complaining about how terrible they can sometimes be—rotten monkeys the pair of ‘em. And me? Hell, I have managed to do A LOT of things, including laundry, cleaning not only the toilet but the shower as well and washing the Mad Mobile Midget’s walker seat thing that is IMPOSSIBLE to remove without a doctorate in fucking engineering.

Speaking of which, why is it that kids’ things need to be so complicated? No one is capable of strapping either of our kids into their car seats, or of folding one of their strollers. And the travel beds? Forget it. Folks want to help us when they can and then find out the help they thought they wanted to provide is just beyond them. Things are too complicated.

Tangent finished. We were talking about me and boredom. I’m bored. I’ve played around with blooger (notice I managed to add Haloscan without too much problem—here’s hoping it works…) to the point of giving myself a headache. This is becoming more of a damn addiction than I though possible—I’ve even gone without cigarettes because of this blasted thing. I even vacuumed today, which is probably more of a statement of just how bored I am than anything else. I VACUUMED. This is serious boredom.

Not only am I bored, but I am now too uninspired to find anything to combat the boredom. Technically I could go do something interesting like making a fabulous meal for tonight, but we’ve got enough left-overs to finish. I could, again technically, re-glue the bit of wallpaper Muppet was kind enough to rip up, but I rather like the way it curls around on itself. No, I’m just going to stay bored. It’s a good feeling. I’ve missed it.
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