24 August 2006
This is why he'll never be gentle...
Here's a sweet kiss for his sister--she's less than thrilled.
Do you see the look of PURE JOY on her face? He's strangling her and she's happy...
Do you see the futility of it all?
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  • At 14:20, Blogger ViVi

    OMG she really is a redhead!

    Caption for photo #2: Smile kid, or I'm gonna let you have it!

    love the new space! we'll have to meet up soon; I have some small packets of fruity flavors for you... ;)

  • At 05:21, Blogger Catherine

    LOVE her overalls. And look at that RED HAIR!!! Oh, And Mathieu... not many people can make strangulation look so fun and adorable.

    Everyone looks in fine form, Doc. You're obviously doing nothing pretty well. ;)

  • At 18:14, Blogger meredith

    He can smash rocks whenever he wants :)

  • At 23:02, Blogger Pam

    Fantastic photos...I see 'I'm strangling her and no one knows' (or, I'm getting away with it!)look and that just cracks me up!