22 August 2006
I guess I owe you a beer, Sam
KEEE Riste it can get frustrating changing things around. MSN was like kindergarten compared to this place. Of course, it was also a lot more limiting as well, and Blooger just feels so much more spacious by comparison. I’m still lost most of the time, but hopefully I figure things out quickly—providing the monkeys and the Mr. Man Thing and the Welshman all allow me to do so, especially the one mentioned in the middle. We’re currently at war again—but that’s a story for another day.

It’s been really nice having feed-back from old friends and new friends and folks I never knew I had the honor of writing for. My old home had a stat counter built in and I often wondered who was running it up. Now I know—sort of. Speaking of stat counters, can anyone clue me in? I’m so lost… (update: nevermind, i figured it out)

Mr. Welshy is currently painting his days away at the evil sister-in-law’s house. He feels bad about this for some reason. We’re feeding him and housing him so he can paint our place and he’s stuck over there being useful of all things. The sad part is that our house remains untouched for now. We can’t do anything until after the expert passes on the 7th of September and gives us his official opinion of things or else we run the risk of being stuck with things the way they are. NEVER build a house in France. Mr. W has offered to come back after he over-winters at his home in Spain to help if we’re ready. He mentioned March or April and then smugly asked if things’ll be ready by then. I didn’t know how to answer that, smugly or otherwise—no one knows. Please hand me the Prozac.

Muppet is a talking storm these days. He’s picking up words like crazy. His current favorite topics of discussion are motorcycles and farm equipment. He can tell you anything you want to know about les motos including all the gear you need to go along with them. And the farm equipment! Sunday you’d have thought the boy had died and gone to heaven! With close to 500 tractors at his disposal, plus all the other equipment on hand, he was in ecstasy. The best part of all that was the tractors were every color of the rainbow so we were able to exercise the part of the brain where he stores that information. Counting is out for the moment, though. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? He’s also becoming a social animal. He had such a good time playing with all the kids there and took every opportunity we gave him to initiate contact. He loves people. And he’s got this thing for girls. Look out world!

Piglet just won’t stop growing. She’s a bright one, too. And easy. I don’t know what happened to the screaming demon and I honestly don’t care, so long as it continues to stay away. She’s terrorizing the house now in her walker. When her brother is riding around on his tricycle, she’s sure to be about a yard behind him running into everything in her path. I can already see what nightmares I have to look forward to when she’s self-mobile. Please hand me some more Prozac. She’s walking now if we hold her hands and yesterday, finally, after much struggle and frustration, SAT UP ON HER OWN. What happened to my baby?

Does anyone out there know when these damn flies are going to go away? They are driving me absolfuckalutely nuts. We’ve already destroyed one fly swatter and are currently hacking away at two more. We kill about fifty a day and it never seems to make a dent in their numbers. What a stupid idea it is to live in the country with all the pretty cows and sheep so close to home.

I need to go self-medicate…heavily.
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  • At 16:03, Blogger Epiphany

    Bienvenue a Blooger!!! :)

    I like that. Blooger. I'm stealing that.

  • At 17:03, Blogger meredith

    Flies? What flies?

  • At 19:12, Blogger Patty

    hey looks good!

    now i gotta remember to save it in favs


  • At 21:55, Blogger Samantha

    What flies? Are you serious Meredith, or only joking? (one of the problems with the internet, you can never tell!)

    If you're serious, then all the flies of France must be concentrated both of our significant other's farms. Yuck!

  • At 22:46, Blogger Geena

    Oh no Sam - I am on the other side of France and it is COLD and the damn flies still fly around and leave their poo everywhere..yuck..and they wake me up every freaking morning by buzzing around my head. I think I need a missile launcher to get rid of them. Hate them too.

  • At 00:05, Blogger meredith

    The flies are not here, seriously.

  • At 08:28, Blogger Pam

    I am thrilled that you're with Blooger (fka Blogger)!

    I often read your blog but couldn't manage leaving comments (I'm not the brightest bulb here on computers)

    ANYWAY, happy to have you here and YES there are flies taking over our place too...

  • At 08:50, Blogger Samantha

    PS. Doc - only ONE beer? Surely you can do better than that. How about one beer for every person who commented and said "Thank God you switched over to blogger!"????

  • At 14:50, Blogger Doc

    Meredith, you are just adding reasons not to like you anymore! ;)

    Sam, only one because otherwise it'd turn into one of those JA meetings. But I'll make it a good one, OK?

    Crispy, Pam, oops! Creative spelling is something I'm REALLY good at. Stay tuned for more.

  • At 18:41, Blogger Linda

    Flies-my burden here in France. My husband looks at me like I'm nuts when I tell him to close the door and I've been through several fly swatters. Since it has cooled down here in Provence, there are, thank you God, fewer flies but, man, do we have a crop of snails.