21 August 2006
Wow, here I am, over here on Blogger now. Why the big move? It’s been in the works for a while. I wanted to move blogs the same time I moved house, figured a big clear out would do me a lot of good, right? But the house thing just keeps getting put off and put off. Besides that, someone keeps sending me hate mail because Firefox hates MSN, and vice-versa. So, here I am.

Shit’s looking rather plain at the moment, and will continue to do so until I figure out how to use this thing like I should and can find a decent template that makes me happy. I’ll get there. I’m just lazy.

So, here’s where I was yesterday. The farm boys did it! They broke (smashed) the old French simultaneous plowing record. Woohoo. I wish I were a bit more enthusiastic about it. I actually was yesterday, and even this morning, but someone decided it would be a good idea to get on my nerves and things have gone progressively south since then. (I will just say that seeing 464 tractors plus two teams of horses all ready to plow a field is really more impressive than you’d first think—sadly one of those tractors didn’t start and didn’t count towards the record, but hey, c’est la vie.)
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  • At 19:38, Anonymous Pat

    Welcome to your new home!! :-)

  • At 20:25, Blogger Lizza

    Are you having a "blogwarming" party? I'll bring the beer. ;-)

  • At 00:33, Blogger Samantha

    It's about goddamn time!

  • At 04:24, Anonymous Jan

    Sweet! I LOVE THE BLUE!

  • At 06:23, Anonymous michellenyc

    YEAH!!!! now i can post comments!!

    you mentioned BBQ the other day, and as an American moving to France soon - i know it's one of the things i will miss. My French boyfriend like BBQ ribs alot as well (he's been in the USA for quite a while) and we joked about my opening a BBQ restaurant there in France

    He thinks the french would love them some BBQ ribs!!

  • At 07:06, Blogger Catherine

    What Samantha said!!!

  • At 07:20, Blogger Léons Life

    Yes welcome to blogger, and now we can not only follow your (mis)adventures but comment too.....

  • At 08:38, Blogger Geena

    Oh wow - welcome to blogger..and what they all said above.

  • At 10:22, Blogger meredith

    Yay, I am so glad you're here. I was having the hardest time commenting on your other site.

    Please don't hate me for my kitchen :) All is not well in kitchen land, but I have decided to give Mr. Kitchen Guy his allotted three weeks to fix the problems. But then if he doesn't , I may start a blog campaign against his store.

  • At 11:22, Blogger Samantha

    see, told ya it wasn't just me! *S*

  • At 14:50, Anonymous Alison

    This is good. As I commented on Sam's site, I got frustrated not being able to comment!

    Welcome to Blogger. :)